This photographic essay is about the things I love in Africa. A personal image dealing with just a small fragment of the vast and varied continent. Yet in some ways it is a universal image of Africa. Similarities in some tribal customs of people living vast distances apart are quite common. The African's innate sense of rhythm which is beautifully expressed in both their dance and decorative pattern design, is evident everywhere.

With this book I aimed to discard the dusty, museum image that tribal art has in the eyes of the world at large. It is not at all remote and inaccessible but a lively art closely associated with the daily lives of the people. Apart from their ritualistic significance the pieces are also good to look at.

My wife Alida and I have assembled examples of lesser importance - tourist carvings, toys and other trivia, to depict alongside the established masterpieces.

One or two of the carvings were made by individual artists in situations where no tribal craft traditions existed.