His first book, Five Girls, created a stir when it appeared in the early 60s. It swept like a fresh breeze across the still waters of figure photography, he stripped the nude of all hesitancy, cliche, pretention and vulgarity, making it a natural aspect of life. His second book, the story of a gun toting young woman called Cowboy Kate became an instant international best seller and was awarded the Prix Nadar. This was followed by November Girl, a book employing the multiple image techniques that developed into an ongoing enthusiasm. The Haskins photographs reflected the contemporary ideal of life, offering much excitement, amusement, freedom, frivolity and beauty. His images, like the popular songs of the time, voiced the sentiments of a generation. The exploration of all these ideas were further developed in Haskins Posters, a collection published in 1973. It was awarded the Gold Medal of the New York Art Directors Club .