Bologna is a montage makers dream. Layer upon transparent layer of cultural history is still clearly visible and culminates in a final veneer of late twentieth century industrial detritus - it is a living montage. The medieval town developed on the site of the original Roman Bononia at the base of the Apennines. The founding of the great university brought fame in the middle ages. Amidst all the academic activity there was some neglect of creative building enterprise. Yet, despite the lack of exceptional architectural masterpieces there is ample visual charm.

Finely sculpted porticos over endless arcades snake their way through the old town... Diesel busses filled with passengers that resemble descendants of the Lombards trundle past thirteenth century palazzos... Old ladies in pairs, dressed in black, visit the porno cinema built in the basement of an ancient castle.

As elsewhere in Europe, the brief flowering of the Art Nouveau movement left a heritage of freshness that lifts the spirit and makes a dramatic contra statement to the tired stones.

These photographs were commissioned by the city of Bologna. They were exhibited in the Galleria Accursio di Palazzo Comunale, Piazza Maggiore from March 29th to April 19th 1984.