Our friend Charles Camberoque, the distinguished French photographer, has enriched our lives with his exquisite visual narratives of old folk traditions.

We plan to show a series of his essays commencing with images from the memorable book "Els Mallorquins". It is a tale of the peasant hare hunts that harness the extraordinary skills of the "Ballearic Flying Hounds" - the descendants of an ancient Egyptian blood line. It tells of a chase on foot, a mad scramble, and Charles captures with consummate artistry the spectacular agility of both the canine hunters and their quarry.

We share in the exhilaration, the passion and the ritual of this rural Majorcan drama. It is an account of men and beasts, of tenderness and cruelty. It reveals the leaping vigour of the agile island hares and the wild, rugged harmony of the Mediterranean landscape.