Barcelona is a visual carnival. A perfect joy. A place where creative giants roamed. It boasts facets that range from sublime Gothic structures to the most flamboyant fantasies made real by the likes of Antoni Gaudi, Josep Domenech i Montaner, Miro et al - from serene medieval squares to that most exceptional German pavilion designed by Mies van der Rohe for the 1929 Worlds Fair - and neighbourhoods like the Eixample where modernisme flourished. The breadth and the diversity is breathtaking.

As a rule I do not remember my visual experiences as a series of individual pictures. At the end of a working day in Barcelona my mind is awash with a panoply of imagery where multiple pictorial elements blend and merge. Thus the germ of the montage approach used in some of these photographs was established. Various components combine to reinforce and expand an idea and intrigue the eye, often by virtue of their disparity. The superimposition was achieved by simply sandwhiching the transparencies. I used medium format cameras - the Pentax 67 and 645. They are flexible, fast and produce transparencies large enough to manipulate with ease.