Rene Magritte <>
286 reproductions of paintings - 400 promised for the future. A happy melange of known/ hardly known - major / minor works from the Brussels image smith.
National Geographic <>
Lightning strikes somewhere on the surface of the earth about 100 times every second. One expects this story to be illustrated with impressive photographs. It is. As always, the NG delivers.
National Museum of American Art <>
From the Smithsonian Institute - a model of what an art museum site should be, with an abundance of excellent scans to download in a tranquil atmosphere.
Museum of Modern Art NY <>
The grand conspiracy of the century continues across great swathes of the Photography Permanent Collection. We are talking apotheosis of the snapshot or at best the deification of some pretty incompetent photographs.
Metropolitan Museum of Art <>
This is a disappointing, picture poor, web impression of a great museum. However it does impart some useful information on current and future shows ( text only ). The site shop has little in common with that delicious emporium at 1000 5th Avenue, New York City.
Photo Serve <>
A premium portfolio site. Long established names like Hideki Fujii, Pete Turner, Bert Stern. Ryszard Horowitz and Eric Meola share the portfolio list with a host of innovative young photographers.