Photo District News <>
The site has been redesigned. It is a good photographic news and portfolio source. Strong on stock agency news with a fine links list.
Art Daily <>
The First Art Newspaper on the Net. It fills my heart with joy. A meticulously maintained site with extensive daily updates. The menu offers: Today's News, Art Fairs, This Day in History, Exhibitions World-Wide, Special Reports and Museums of the World - a list of almost one hundred museums with a dissertation on each.
Carol Jackson Presents "Fine Art" <>
Short on text but long on images - truckloads of scans and she promises more to follow. She is creating a fine reference resource and richly deserves her 1996-97 Gallery Site Award.
Los Angeles County Museum of Art <>
This has always been good place to visit. The museum shop has individual craft pieces from Mexico to die for. Alas, no shop on the net, yet.
Art History on the Net <>
Useful and Huge. Is this the definitive Art List on the Net ? Chris Witcombe, an Associate Professor of Art History at Sweet Briar College in Virginia, maintains the site.
Art Nouveau World Wide <>
A thorough and concise introduction to this charming period in the history of Arts
Tamara de Lempica <>
Tamara in passionate mood. <>
A carefully maintained site of sensual and erotic work by a mixture of amateur and professional photographers.
photoResource Magazine<>
'the photographers information connection' - An excellent reference site for photographers and lovers of all things photographic.
Mortens Recipe Collection <>
A total of 11,789 mouth watering recipes ranging from ancient Roman cooking to all the ethnic variations you can think of. Man cannot live by art alone.